• The (Hybrid) house is brought to life by an elegant new architecture design and the discovery of and ancient source of pollution -free energy.  Using healthy building material that do not pollute the indoor or outdoor air quality.  By combining healthy materials and efficient systems, with our resource saving process, the (Hybrid) house contribute to cleaner air, water, [...]

  • Environmental Benefits Emissions Reduction. Pollutants released by fossil fuel fired electricity contribute to global climate change, cause air quality issues such as acid rain and smog, and pose risks to human health.  Green building techniques like solar powering, daylighting, and facilitation of public transport increase energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Water Conservation. Recycling rainwater and grey water for purposes like [...]

  • BUILD OR REMODEL YOUR GREEN HOME WHAT IS SIP Structural insulated panel are engineered building material that consist of a form core insulation sandwiched in between two pieces of OSB (oriented strand board).  The foam core provide shear strength while the exterior OSB provide tensile and compressive strength.  This product is mainly used for building [...]

  • BUILDING GREEN- LIVING GREEN, SAVING GREEN To build and remodel environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes through out Chicago land. Using the latest technology available such as geothermal heating, solar power electric, SIP, Tankless water heaters, Spray foam insulation, Eco-smart flooring, cabinets and energy star rated products.

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Energo EnerGo Heating EnerGo Forced-Air Heating EnerGo Baseboard or Radiant Hot Water Heating EnerGo Cooling Air Conditioning Energo Forced-Air Heating How Your Furnace Works Without [...]

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BPI Insulation and Air Sealing Learn the Proper Way to Caulk and Insulate a Home Everblue’s weatherization certification course provides the skills and techniques necessary [...]


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Closed Cell vs. Open Cell Foam

What is the Difference between Open-cell and Closed-cell Polyurethane Foams? This may be one of the most important pages on the website if your interest [...]

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GREEN HOME CONSULTANTS – PROJECT CERTIFICATION GCHB we’ll help you develop a green strategy tailored for your residential project. Whether it’s new construction, renovation, home [...]

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Energo EnerGo Heating EnerGo Forced-Air Heating EnerGo Baseboard or Radiant Hot Water Heating EnerGo Cooling Air Conditioning Energo Forced-Air Heating How Your Furnace Works Without EnerGo If you set your thermostat to 70 degrees and the temperature in the house is less than 70 degrees, the thermostat sends a signal to the furnace to turn on the burner and blower. The burner heats up a heat exchanger and the air [...]

Prevent Limescale One approach to eliminate limescale is adding chemicals to water in order to prevent minerals from crystallizing. An alternative approach to this is that rather than forming a hard mass of crystals on the surface of pipes and appliances, the minerals form into small crystals in the water which are easily washed away by the flow. This is the basic principle of the Limescale Eliminator. When dissolved in [...]

Residential Limescale Eliminator models are engineered and produced specifically for the North American market. All models are CSA certified Patents held worldwide and in the United States Parts Warranted for 3 years One-Year Performance Guarantee Limescale Eliminator units are CSA certified for use in the USA. Certification #212588. Models certified for usage in other countries are illegal to be sold in the USA under CSA policy. Additionally, it will invalidate [...]

What kind of guarantee is there? What kind of results can be seen? How does this compare to a water softener? How long for the results to begin? Will the Limescale Eliminator de-scale as well as prevent scale? How do I know that the unit is working? What effect does it have on drinking water? Is the Limescale Eliminator easy to install? Does the Limescale Eliminator work on plastic/lead pipes? [...]

Testimonials Thank you for making the dual action water system so easy to install. I had my friend who is a plumber install it in less than half an hour. I love having filtered water come out of all the faucets in my home. I used to go all the way downstairs to the fridge to get a drink of water at night, not anymore. No more chlorine showers! I [...]

Models The Humidex ventilation system is the most efficient solution to excess indoor moisture available anywhere. Humidex will improve the environment by minimizing naturally occurring moisture problems, such as musty odors, polluted air and mold growth. Every Humidex Unit Has: Aluminum cabinet for no corrosion. Dehumidistat control which automatically regulates the unit. Variable speed fan with a control. 115V AC/60hz. All fans are tubeaxial, 1 phase. Air is discharged either [...]

Tests GeoTek Test Validates Humidex Performance From testing for toxic mold to cleaning up oil spills, GeoTek Engineering & Testing Services is well known for offering an array of environmental engineering services. GeoTek Engineering is heavily involved in many federal, state and city government engineering projects. A test of the Humidex humidity control and ventilation system was conducted by GeoTek in a home in Crooks, South Dakota with visible molds, [...]

Testimonials From Professionals Click on the links to view testimonials that pertain to your industry: Waterproofers Mold Restoration HVAC Building/Remodeling Property Management Waterproofers “I just wanted to send a letter expressing my great appreciation for your line of Humidex products. Since we have been promoting these units with our primary basement waterproofing service, our monthly sales have been growing on a continual upward scale and our customers have never been [...]

Only AirRenew absorbs VOCs and cleans the air. is the only gypsum board that actively cleans VOCs** out of the air, improving indoor air quality for generations. AirRenew® uses two innovative technologies to actively improve indoor air quality. First, it cleans the air by permanently removing VOCs** circulating indoors and keeps them out. AirRenew also incorporates M2Tech®* technology, providing enhanced moisture and mold resistance. UL Environment works to advance global sustainability and environmental health. UL Environment Claim Validations are independent proof [...]


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