Green Construction Holmes Builders has over 40 years experience in
Construction,Real Estate and Urban Development.In 2005 we decided to
put into action what is known as green or sustainable today into
process. We have been using recycle materials sense my childhood.My
family built our first home in 1973 after a fire destroyed the
original house we live in,I was 10 years old.Our ( Mother ) was the
lead carpenter along with my two brothers and I as laborers. My mother
purchase a large old Victorian house in the area.We ( Deconstruct )
the building one board at a time.During the deconstruction process my
job was to pull all the nails out of the boards & studs and straighten
them for reuse, along with preparing the lumber. The rest is history!

GCHB understand that hiring a contractor to alter your home
can be a stressful, but exciting process at the same time.Our
dedicated staff is committed to making sure the customer has a peace
of mine, weather building new construction, remodeling,a service call
or just having a consultation about lowering the cost of their
utilities.  Our passion for hands on construction and the drive to do
each job better than the last, has made us a company that has proven
to benefit both parties.

Located in Chicago, we service Chicago and many surrounding suburbs.
Our new construction, remodeling and renovation services can extend to
home addition, new kitchens, bathrooms, basement, home automation,
porches, decks and so much more.
Craftsmanship, value, innovation, and sustainability are the
foundation of the GCHB philosophy. Green Construction Holmes Builders
has assembled a team of experienced expert subcontractors (for
specialty work) who have worked with GCHB for years.With our building
and budgeting skills we deliver on time a customized details proposal
within the customer budget.


GCHB stands by its workmanship, offering customers a two-year warranty
on work and materials we provide. We do quarterly checks and
walk-through, inspections are scheduled at the first and second year
anniversaries with the promise that GCHB will repair, replace, or
adjust construction components under warranty.

Value and budget are nailed down before the start of each project. The
GCHB team and the client discuss “comfortable investments” in detail
to determine best values for the client’s budget. During construction
planning sessions, the client brainstorms with the contractors and
designers to create detailed design and budget plans that
realistically fulfill the client’s needs and vision. By including
subcontractors in the planning and budgeting sessions with the
customer, timely cost and overruns are avoided –therefore a
sustainable, healthier and innovated project is delivered to another
satisfied client.

These or some of the vendors fixtures and material we proudly promote
and  installed : Energy Star Rated, Water Sense Rated ,Certain Teed,
SIP Panel, Foam It Green & No or Low VOC Paints.

GCHB / Partner’s Certification & Accreditation

Certified Lead Renovator    ( EPA )
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design  ( USGBC )
Certified Green Professional  ( NAHB )
Building Performance Institute  ( BPI )
Weatherization Architectural Contractor    ( Wright College )
High Performance Green Carpentry      ( LEED Council )
Hazard & Safety Training 40 hr.    ( OSHA )
General Contractor License      ( City of Chicago )
Suburbs License supplies upon request


    BUILDING GREEN- LIVING GREEN, SAVING GREEN Address 1614 N. Latrobe Chicago, IL 60339 Phone: 1(877) 326-8283 email: