What kind of guarantee is there?

The parts have a 3-year warranty.  The Limescale Eliminator carries a One Year Performance Guarantee. The levels of limescale and other conditions will determine the timeframe for results. Early indications will be evidenced by changes in water flow pressure. Therefore we allow a full year for evaluation of results. If not completely satisfied, return for a full refund.

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What kind of results can be seen?

Being that limescale exists within pipes and appliances the changes will not be readily visible. You may see the traces of limescale breaking down on your shower doors and bathtub. Remember, the limescale that is being removed, is expunged through your faucets and shower heads. Just wipe and remove the residue with a towel. The results will be evidenced over time as the hot water will become hotter and it will become easier to clean the bathtubs, sinks and shower doors.

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How does this compare to a water softener?

A water softener prevents future buildup, but does not actively break up existing limescale. The Limescale Eliminator unit is not designed to address other water issues nor will it leave a soft water feel

If you have had a softener before, these are the changes you may observe:

  • No soapy film on skin
  • Minerals may initially deposit on surfaces and dishes as the unit is breaking up the existing limescale and the water evaporates. This will be in a powdery form that is easily wiped off.

If you did not have a softener, these are the changes you may observe:

  • Soap lathers easier
  • Dishwasher spotting will be reduced or eliminated depending on the time it takes to reduce the existing limescale in the equipment.
  • Detergent and soap requirements reduced and the laundry is softer and fresher


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How long for the results to begin?

Limescale has hardened like a rock over many years. There are many variables that determine the level of scale and the time needed to break it:

  • Age of home – The older the home, the longer the time that limescale has been building up
  • Hard Water level-The concentration of the minerals, calcium and magnesium in the water.
  • Water temperature – The higher the water temperature and the amount of time the water is heated will increase the levels of scale.


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Will the Limescale Eliminator de-scale as well as prevent scale?

It will de-scale existing clogs, and depending on the severity it may be a gradual process over a period of months. The Limescale Eliminator dissolves the already formed lime scale. However, not all blockage is lime scale – some scale buildup cannot be dissolved and can only be removed by acid cleaning.

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How do I know that the unit is working?

Plug the unit in before installing, do not remove the pin yet, and you will notice a bright light. Place the unit on the cold feed pipe to the water heater and remove the pin. The light should have the same brightness; if not, it may be in a pipe loop. Move the unit to another location where the light shines brightly. The signal will travel throughout the house.

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What effect does it have on drinking water?

The Limescale Eliminator does not change the chemical composition of the water in any way; it works purely on a physical basis. Essential minerals for healthy drinking and good taste are retained in the water.

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Is the Limescale Eliminator easy to install?

Yes, the Limescale Eliminator unit simply clips to the pipe, is plugged into an outlet and is switched on. There is no plumbing or electric work required. We recommend it to be placed on the cold feed to the hot water tank.

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Does the Limescale Eliminator work on plastic/lead pipes?

Yes, the technology ensures that the unique field propagates through the entire system regardless of the type of pipe work material.

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Please Note: Limescale Eliminator units are engineered for the US electrical specifications and for the appliances and plumbing system in residential homes. Warranties and guarantees are valid only when sold through authorized dealers.
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