Thank you for making the dual action water system so easy to install. I had my friend who is a plumber install it in less than half an hour. I love having filtered water come out of all the faucets in my home. I used to go all the way downstairs to the fridge to get a drink of water at night, not anymore. No more chlorine showers! I really feel I did a great thing for my family when I purchased your system. I will be telling all my friends.

     -Beth Stewart


I am generally a skeptic. My husband insisted that we put in a Dual Action Water System. We live on Long Island and we put in a filter under the sink as soon as we moved in, because the water tasted horrible. I thought that our filters under the sink were enough. He was concerned about the chlorine and other problems he read up on. The plumber put in the system and I was waiting to see if it was all that it was hyped out to be. My husband gave me 3 glasses of water to taste. The first one was putrid to say the least, which was our water without any filtration. The next two glasses were hard to detect any real difference. The one I did prefer was from the new Dual Action Water System. The other was from a Poland Spring bottle. I was amazed. The water from the system was as clean and fresh tasting as any bottled water. We had our kids’ families over and they did the same test. They use bottled water and were skeptical but were really amazed at how good the water tasted. I still find it strange that I can get a good tasting glass of water from anywhere in the house.

  -M.K. Long Island NY


Coming from New England well water where a water softener system is a must, I have never seen public water as hard as Cincinnati. All of our faucets and shower  heads lost pressure due to the scale and our water heater was not working properly. Water had to be filtered to drink because the strong smell of chlorine and sulphur made it unpleasant. We installed the Dual Action Water System along with our new shower and water heater, and the results have been amazing. Even though the heater is new, we no longer run out of hot water which leads me to believe the effect the scale had on our previous unit was significant. We can now drink water straight from the tap with no smell or taste from the high mineral content. Also, I no longer see the white film on the stove top that was left behind from boiling water. I highly recommend the product not only for the change in the quality of the drinking water, but I expect it to pay for itself many times over by extending the life of appliances, plumbing and pots and pans. I hope more people give your product a look. I am very happy I made the right decision.

- Scott Brancato


Hi Patrick,

We installed our Limescale Eliminator on Friday. Only a few hours later, I asked my husband if he had turned up the temperature on our Rinnai tankless water heater. He hadn’t and he really thought that I was maybe imagining the change until he confirmed the fact on Saturday evening that it was indeed hotter…a lot hotter…to the point that it might be a good idea to turn it down some.

I wanted to see what the unit would do when I ran the dishwasher I ran a load of dishes in the dishwasher and it was amazing…the dishes felt completely different (clean, without any residue…what a difference!) and the upper dishwasher shelf, which was not moving in and out smoothly and made noises as it went, was 100% better. The excess limescale and residue buildup in the machine is gone ,and it is like I have a brand new dishwasher!

We are amazed at how fast the Limescale Eliminator started to work and make an impact on our whole plumbing system. We are very pleased so far and would completely recommend it to any of our friends and family.

Thanks…we are really enjoying our Limescale Eliminator.

-Joan and John Upham
We live in the north part of Wichita on the river and use well water. We were unable to use our dishwasher because we have such hard water. The Limescale Eliminator provided a solution to our problem. Now the dishes come out clean – no more white powdery film. We chose the Limescale Eliminator over traditional water softeners because it doesn’t require salt to operate. We’re very happy with the service, with Handyman and with the product.


We live 30 miles outside a small town in rural northwest Arizona where the water is extremely hard. We get our water from a well surrounded by granite and limestone.

Before we got the Limescale Eliminator, we had white residue on everything that contained water. Our dishware and cooking utensils would come out of the dishwater covered with hard water residue. Our toilets, made of smooth ceramic, became rough and had to be brushed down after every use. Our shower heads had to be taken off and soaked in CLR or vinegar at least every month because the water flow became severely restricted. Even the filters in the main water faucets had to be soaked every month.

Then we purchased the Limescale Eliminator unit.

We noticed a difference within 2 weeks, Now 3 months later, the water coming from our faucets no longer has strings of minerals in it. The ceramic toilet bowls are once again smooth and shiny. The dishes come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean with no residue.

I unconditionally endorse the Limescale Eliminator system.

-Keith R. Harvey


Dear Dave,

Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with our Limescale Eliminator unit, and for helping us become so forgetful! Yes, I said forgetful. We use to have that big old clunky Water Softener in the laundry room, which took up a lot of area. Storing the Salt was always a challenge as well. The regular maintenance and having to buy and add the salt was always at the bottom of my list for chores to do! On top of that, the water softener made the house water “feel” funny, and I don’t think it always lived up to it’s reputation to prevent lime scale from forming on the shower walls and doors – we always had some lime scale residue from it.

Now, with our new Limescale Eliminator unit we never have to worry about the Water Softener. Once the unit was up and running we’ve completely forgotten about it. We’ve forgotten that we had to have maintenance on the Softener, we’ve forgotten that we had to buy salt, and forgotten how to even add salt to the softener. We’ve forgotten about how much area in the laundry room the old softener took up! We’ve forgotten how the water “felt”. And best of all, we’ve forgotten what it is like to have to use special caustic products to get the residual lime deposits off the shower walls and doors.

Thanks Dave, for helping us become so forgetful and simplifying our lives! We really appreciate it!

 -Thomas and Patricia Bushman


Dear Warren,

Just a short note to say thank you.
My wife and I purchased a new dishwasher and within a short period of time the stainless portion of the internal cabinet was totally covered with white lime scale.
After washing our first load of dishes, my wife and I were amazed as to how clean the dishwasher cabinet had become. In fact, it looked brand new again.
We also take extreme comfort in the realization that your Limescale Eliminator unit is also keeping the heat exchanger of our Rinnai tankless water heater from scale build up as well.

You have a great product! Thanks again.

 -William S. Stephenson, Jr.



Thank you so much for allowing me to provide my input on the Limescale Eliminator unit. Prior to agreeing to sell the Limescale Eliminator unit, I was cautious. We have been raised believing that water softeners were the only way to beat hard water deposits. So with great skepticism, I installed a unit on to the water system in my own home.

I felt that if it did not perform for my family, there would be no way I could sell the product to my clients. After installing the unit, my wife noticed a huge difference in how her hair care products were performing for the better. I allowed the system to work for approximately 30 days and felt it was time to put it to the ultimate test.

We own a dark blue Chevrolet Suburban. It was a circus when washing it at home because of the water spots forming before I could dry it off. With the Limescale Eliminator unit working, I washed the Suburban and stepped back without a towel in my hand – no circus act. After it air dried, I was shocked to find very few water spots if any.

As a Florida State Master Plumbing Contractor and owner of American Plumbing Solutions (APS), I have sold many Limescale Eliminator units and have received rave reviews from all of our clients. One of our clients is a plastic surgeon. He and his wife hold parties many times throughout the year and they were tired of having spots on their wine glasses. The great part is that they didn’t have a water softener installed to begin with and it gave us another test subject. They started to see a huge difference as soon as the unit was installed. Their assistant washes the cars and also noticed that there was no need to dry them as frantically as before.
I am proud to back this product out of personal experience at my own home and the many homes and businesses of my clients.

-Dayman T. Baker


My name is Art Sharkey and I have been in the water business for over 29 years. Amongst other duties I’m the water quality officer for the largest privately owned water system in the state of Oregon. For years I have dealt with customer inquirers on how to clean stains off of bathroom fixtures shower doors etc. I found some products that work but must are acid or other caustic material and require lots of elbow grease. I was looking for something that would prevent the build up of green scale caused mainly by calcium and magnesium. I found the Limescale Eliminator online and it sounded interesting and also had a great guarantee. Not wanting to sell it to customer, I bought a few units and installed one of them in my own house. I took the time to flush my water heater before installation and also removed and photographed the top element of the water heater tank. Three weeks after installation of the Limescale Eliminator unit I removed the top element of the water heater and large pieces of the green scale had already dropped of the element. The other benefits have been a shower door that not longer collects that white hard to remove hard water stain, easy to clean toilet bowls just using a brush, and squeaky clean dishes and glass wear from the dishwasher without any jet dry! I now sell the Limescale Eliminator to our water company customers because the product works.

-Art Sharkey

I bought the Limescale Eliminator for limescale around 5 months ago and I am just amazed how well it started working when we attached it to our water heater. It has saved us on our electric bills, plus our appliances work so much better and are a lot easier to clean. We are so very much satisfied with the performance and would recommend this product to friends, neighbors or associates who are having hard water problems. This is the easies and best product I have found. We are so happy. Thanks from another satisfied customer.

-Paula Harris

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