Infrared Inspections & Imaging, is A Building Diagnostic Service That Uses Thermal Imaging To Locate Potential Problems. This Is A Non-Destructive, Non-Contact Maintenance Process That Can Locate Problems Before They Become Serious. Locating These Problems Before They Become Serious Can Save Time, Energy And Money.




Reduce Maintenance Cost

Infrared inspections are a quick, economical and efficient way to easily locate potential failures before they occur.  Planning repairs on a scheduled basis, rather than having unexpected breakdowns and responding to these on an unplanned basis helps budgeted maintenance dollars go further.

Prevent Loss of Production

When equipment failures occur during production runs, often time product is lost and production runs have to re-start. This can be time consuming and labor intensive. By locating potential equipment problems during infrared inspections and performing repairs, loss of production may be reduced and sometimes totaled eliminated.

Lower Insurance Rates

Reducing loss prevention cost helps reduce insurance rates.  Insurance companies recognize infrared inspections as a means for reducing loss prevention cost.  Many insurance companies recommend or require annual infrared inspections.  Some insurance companies will reduce annual premiums if periodic infrared inspections are conducted.

Increase Energy Conservation

The Building Owners and Managers Association estimates that energy cost accounts for about 30 percent of operating budgets for commercial and industrial facilities.  Energy cost is the single largest budget controllable cost item. The DOE states that commercial buildings account for 18 percent of the total US energy consumption.  The EPA estimates that $20 Billion a year could be saved if commercial and industrial facilities could increase energy efficiency by 10 percent.  Infrared inspection of building envelopes will pinpoint cold/hot air infiltration, wet insulation, missing insulation and water infiltration.  Reduce your heating and air conditioning cost, increase your energy efficiency and your client/customer comfort

Lower Safety Incidents

Safety is of utmost importance for every company.  Unexpected accidents from electrical and mechanical failures that may result in fires, explosions, or other catastrophic failures result in many accidents annually. This may lead to multimillion dollar lawsuits and increases insurance premiums to companies.  Infrared inspections help reduce these unexpected accidents.

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