How much time do you spend in and around your kitchen area? It is a good place to think about going green. You can make it more energy efficient, durable, user friendly, appealing, and yes, more sustainable.

Energy Star designation should be high on your priority list for appliances, lighting, windows, doors, skylights and suntubes, insulation and water devices.   Those items will definitely give you positive, noticeable financial rewards.

On the materials side of things, there are also great improvements in performance, longevity, durability and indoor air quality.   Non-toxic adhesives make it possible to construct cabinetry, countertops, fabrics, flooring, paneling, coatings, etc. without added formaldehyde or many other known or suspected carcinogens or allergens.

Countertops can be made of high-strength laminate, acrylics, quartz or concrete (available with recycled content).  Tile for all purposes can be made from recycled material.

Have fun with your designs; a kitchen should be a place to relax and be comfortable.

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