What is the Difference between Open-cell and Closed-cell Polyurethane Foams? This may be one of the most important pages on the website if your interest is in spray foam insulation. When it comes time to actually put the foam product in your home or commercial building structure, you must identify whether you will use 0.5 lb./cu. ft., open cell foam, or 2.0 lb./cu. ft. closed cell foam. This makes a big difference [...]

The (Hybrid) house is brought to life by an elegant new architecture design and the discovery of and ancient source of pollution -free energy.  Using healthy building material that do not pollute the indoor or outdoor air quality.  By combining healthy materials and efficient systems, with our resource saving process, the (Hybrid) house contribute to cleaner air, water, and soil.  Both your home and community become better places to live, learn, work and [...]

Environmental Benefits Emissions Reduction. Pollutants released by fossil fuel fired electricity contribute to global climate change, cause air quality issues such as acid rain and smog, and pose risks to human health.  Green building techniques like solar powering, daylighting, and facilitation of public transport increase energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Water Conservation. Recycling rainwater and grey water for purposes like urinal flow and irrigation can preserve potable water and yield significant water savings. Stormwater Management. Storm [...]


SIP vs Traditional Stick Building A well built home using SIP will have a tighter building envelope and the walls will have a higher insulation value, which leads to fewer drafts and a decrease in operating costs for maintaining a comfortable interior environment for the occupants.  Also, due to the standardized and all-in-one nature of SIP construction time can reduced over building a frame home as well as requiring fewer [...]

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BUILD OR REMODEL YOUR GREEN HOME WHAT IS SIP Structural insulated panel are engineered building material that consist of a form core insulation sandwiched in between two pieces of OSB (oriented strand board).  The foam core provide shear strength while the exterior OSB provide tensile and compressive strength.  This product is mainly used for building interior and exterior walls. SOLAR Solar energy is energy directly from the sun.  These technologies [...]


BUILDING GREEN- LIVING GREEN, SAVING GREEN To build and remodel environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes through out Chicago land. Using the latest technology available such as geothermal heating, solar power electric, SIP, Tankless water heaters, Spray foam insulation, Eco-smart flooring, cabinets and energy star rated products.


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